“A Hell of a Feller”


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A Hell of a Feller

by Snaffles

Goutelette, Open Edition Print

Paper Size: 12 x 16 ins (30 x 40 cm)

This is a fine reproduction of a typically engaging print by Snaffles, a true master of his craft. Snaffles loved hunting from an early age, and he had a rare understanding of field sports. This reflected in this print: Snaffles superbly captures the affection between sportsmen and their horses in the main scene, as a rider touches his hat to his steed, while in the section below, captioned On the Flat, we see the pair in action, with the hunt in full swing. This print was originally executed in 1920, at a time when Snaffles rise to celebrity was rapidly accelerating. He had endured significant financial hardships in the years preceding the First World War; but during the war itself his contributions to various magazines, as well as the increasing popularity of his prints, had assured him of a comfortable existence. From 1916 the majority of his works were printed at Bemroses famous Derby works, then one of Europes leading fine art printers, and sold in considerable numbers. After the war, Snaffles took up residence at Windlesham in Surrey, and was eager to return to normality as soon as possible. 1920 saw the publication of The Royal Artillery War Commemoration Book, known as The Gunners Bible; Snaffles work featured prominently in this book, which served to fuel his mounting popularity. That year also brought him recognition of a different sort: while he was delighted to be awarded the Order of the Crown of Belgium, he admitted later, with characteristic modesty, that he had no idea how the decoration had come about.

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