THE NOBLE TIPS (Tipperary Set of 4)


Set of 4 Plates THE NOBLE TIPS (refs ROS-VE7705A,B, C & D above)

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THE NOBLE TIPS (Tipperary Set of 4)

by F C Turner

First published by J. W. Moore on 12th January 1842. Each plate is headed “Moore’s Tally Ho! to the Sports”, and each is sub-titled “The Marquis at Home”. The reference is to the Marquis of Waterford, to whom the plates are dedicated, and who seems to be the central figure in each scene. Why should a London-based publisher (Moore’s premises were in Upper St.Martin’s Lane) consider that depictions of an Irish hunt would be a commercial proposition? The reason must not only have been that sets would have been sold in Ireland, but also that the gentry on both sides of the Irish Sea would often have been invited to take part in each others’ hunts.

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