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by Alan Greene

Make: Porsche 918 Spyder

Dimensions: 24″ X 45″

Medium: Giclee print on museum quality canvas

Editions: Limited edition to 300, hand signed and numbered

Produced by California artist Alan Scott Greene. Alan is known for his striking use of colors. His compositions create a feeling of speed, excitement and electricity that bring his subjects to life. His creations are like Eye Candy. Deliciously colored and you cannot stop at owning just one! Start your collection today.

Spitting paint, asphalt, and track marbles, the Martini liveried Porsche 918 track beast quivers and wiggles under hard braking as it gets ready to turn into a late apex all the while spooling up the onboard electric motor from the energy generated by braking. The combination of the gas and electric power plant delivers 608 hp to the pavement. With four wheel drive this monster blast off the line like bead from a slingshot.

Museum quality giclee canvas prints, hand signed and numbered by the artist. Limited to 300