“Belvoir Hounds Exercising in the Park”



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By Sir Alfred Munnings

Paper Size: 30 x 25 ins 75 x 63 cm

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This famous hunting subject was painted during Munnings’s visit to Woolsthorpe to work on a series of pictures around the life of the Belvoir Hounds, at the invitation of the Master, Major T Bouch. It was exhibited at The Alpine Gallery in 1924. The Belvoir Hounds Exercising in the Park was painted, according to Munnings, on “a December afternoon, the lake below, mist hanging in the hollows, ancient oaks dotted about.” “Far above, on the opposite slope, the tall silhouette of Belvoir Castle on the very summit of a wooded hill, and now, coming across the foreground, hounds at walking exercise. Two men with whips and bowler hats and long, white coats are with them. They pass slowly on down the slope, into the valley…”

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