“The Stake and Bound”


Large Size


The Stake and Bound

by Snaffles

Gouttelette Open Edition Print

Paper Size: 23 x 17 ins (59 x 43 cm)

This charming piece shows a hunt jumping a stake-and-bound fence in great style; the bathetic remarque, so characteristic of Snaffles hunting prints, shows a fallen horse and rider. The arresting caption reads: Send em at it and get well into the next field. This work was created at some point between 1911 and 1913. This was a period when Snaffles was enjoying his first taste of success; he had made enough from his drawings and paintings to buy himself out of the Army in September 1911, upon the payment of £25. By 1912 he was selling his work at an ever-increasing rate, and had begun to move upwards both financially and socially. Snaffles hunting was at this point primarily with the Garth and neighbouring packs; it was here that he met Cecil Aldin, who played a key role in nurturing Snaffles emerging talent, and was to remain a close friend until his death in 1935. It was most likely Snaffles days hunting with the Garth that were to inspire this charming piece

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