“A Point-to-Point”


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A Point-to-Point

by Snaffles

Goutelette, Open Edition Print

Paper Size: 8 x 11 ins / 21 x 28 cm

A Point to Point is one of Snaffles best known works, having been reproduced in many variant versions in the twenty years following its first appearance. This is a reproduction of the original and very scarce 1909 edition of the print; this is the only version to show the horses in the centrepiece running from right to left, rather than left to right. At the time of this prints original creation, Snaffles had yet to achieve the great success and celebrity that he enjoyed later in his career. In 1910 he was to reach a turning point in his career through his association with Lawrence & Jellicoe; for the moment, however, Snaffles remained a little-known artist, struggling to maintain his output with limited resources. This is thus a fascinating glimpse of the young artists tremendous flair for his work, even before he had begun to reap the rewards. The caption for the dramatic centrepiece Slap at it for the honour of hit-em-an-hold-em shire – was omitted in many later editions of the print, but certainly adds atmosphere to the scene. Different vignettes were also added, but certain of the originals seem to have met with the artists lasting approval and were retained, notably Leppin Powder, The more mud, the more glory, and Tossd about the world like an old at.

watermarks do not appear on actual prints

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