“The Right Man on The Wrong Oss”



The Right Man on The Wrong Oss

by Snaffles (Charles Payne)

Gouttelette, Open Edition Print

Paper Size: 16 x 12 ins / 40 x 30 cm

In this engaging early Snaffles print, the wrong oss sticks its toes in on the edge of a brook. This work was first printed in the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News of October 19, 1912 alongside its companion piece, The Wrong Man on the Right Oss; the latter shows a stout man being run away with by a handsome brown horse. Snaffles first work to be published in the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News was the military illustration Mounted Infantry, which appeared in September 1911 the same month that brought his departure from the Army. Many more of his prints were to appear in that publication in the coming months; by 1912 he was selling his work at an ever-increasing rate, and had begun to move upwards both financially and socially. Snaffles hunting was at this point primarily with the Garth and neighbouring packs; it was here that he met Cecil Aldin, who played a key role in nurturing Snaffles emerging talent, and was to remain a close friend until his death in 1935. It was most likely Snaffles days hunting with the Garth that were to inspire this charming piece

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