WRIGHT HUNTS (set of 4)


Set of 4 WRIGHT HUNTS engravings (refs ROS-VE8007A,B,C & D above)


Set of 4 WRIGHT HUNTS engravings (refs ROS-VE8007A,B,C and D above) at a discount

A set of four, published by Arthur Ackermann & Messrs. Stiefbold (Berlin), on 1st May 1900. These are early photogravures. The title of the first plate, ‘The Cream’, reflects the pride of the huntsmen in their horses and hounds and in their own prowess. Among the riders is a woman, riding side-saddle. According to contemporary accounts it is clear that throughout the 19th century it was not unusual for women to ride to the hounds, and certainly many joined the company in carriages. What is interesting, though, is that until the middle of the 19th century there are very few depictions of women taking part in the hunt on horseback. One presumes that by 1900, the date of publication of these prints, women in the hunt had become commonplace

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