“The Fernie at Sheep Thorns”



The Fernie at Sheep Thorns

by Lionel Edwards

Gouttelette, Open Edition Print

Paper Size: 20 x 16 ins (50 x 40 cm)

Image Size: 16 x 10 ins (40 x 25 cm )

This superb hunting scene is a wonderful example of the work of a man widely considered one of the finest artists in his field. Lionel Edwards was a hugely passionate fox hunter throughout his adult life, and it was this enthusiasm and expert knowledge of the sport that made his depictions of it so remarkable. The Fernie Hunt is the only one of the five Leicestershire hunts to be contained entirely within the county, and enjoys a long and prestigious history. It was established in 1853 when Sir Richard Sutton, finding the Quorn country too large, encouraged his son to set up an independent hunt in South Leicestershire. The hunt went on to prosper in the following decades, thanks largely to the inspirational leadership of Charles Fernie, who held the post of Master for 31 seasons, and gave his name to the hunt. By the time of this paintings creation, in 1928, the Fernie Hunt was firmly established as a key component of English hunting, and attracted some prestigious followers: Masters in this inter-war period included the South African diamond magnate Sir Harold Wernher and the Scottish landowner Charles Edmonstone. The artists career was similarly flourishing: 1928 saw the publication of the first volume of Edwards Hunting Sketch Books, which won the fine talent displayed here a fresh legion of admirers

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