“The Rise”


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The Rise

by Reuben Ward Binks

Print from an Engraving

Paper Size: 13 x 16 ins / 32 x 41 cm

Image Size: 8 x 11 ins / 19 x 29 cm

In the 16th-century, spaniels and setters were not distinct breeds. At this time a dog was names by the job it carried out. For example, if a spaniel set to game, it was a setter! Such difficulties with terminology continued into the 19th-century, when in Irland the pointer was called the Irish Spaniel. As shooting evolved in tandem with the specialisations of breeds of sporting dogs, setters were largely replaced by pointers, or crossed with them. Setters only survived in Ireland and in areas covered by grouse moors, where the environment was better suited to the size, strength and habits of the setter.


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