“Endeavour And Velsheda Racing In Torbay”



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by Steven Dews

Limited Edition 395

Image 8 x 11 ins Paper 12 x 16 in

This painting features Endeavour, one of the greatest British racing yachts of the pre-war era. Endeavour joined the racing circuit in 1934 in order to ‘tune up’ for her planned attempt at the America’s Cup. However, the racing at these regattas was not serious enough to provide a real test of the yacht’s ability, so her owner, Sopwith, arranged a private contest at Torbay with the only other ‘J’ Class able to provide real competition. Although Velsheda was fast, she proved to be no match for Sopwith’s new yacht. Subsequently Endeavour raced for the Americas Cup itself in Rhode Island against Rainbow, the American defender. Close, but ultimately unsuccessful, Endeavour was actually the only British ‘J’ Class to come close to taking the Americas Cup from the Americans.