“The Dainty”


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by Steven Dews

Limited Edition of 395

The Dainty has a long and slightly tragic history. She was built in Bermuda in 1897 and proved to be a superb ocean-goer. Despite her excellence and superior quality, she was abandoned by 1920 and found beached by Alfred Darrell, who completely rebuilt her. After 1923, The Dainty was raced on a regular basis by Mr Darrell, and by several other owners following his death in 1951. In 1966, The Dainty was bought by Michael Drew, who spent seven years rebuilding and refitting her. Then in 1988 Hurricane Emily struck, in which The Dainty was irreparably damaged. Mr and Mrs Drew sadly donated her to Bermuda’s Maritime Museum, where she was lovingly restored once again. It is apt that the final resting place of The Dainty is the place which was host to Steven Dews’ prestigious exhibition of 1992. The original painting of The Dainty was purchased by the National Gallery of Bermuda.

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