DAVIS, Barry J

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Barry James Davis was born in Rainham Essex in 1961. He showed promise at a very early age and after winning his school’s art competition with a pencil drawing entitled “The Gunfighter” in which the prize was a set of oil pastels he began to use colour.

He was constantly sketching various subjects and reading books on some of the great masters which gave him the inspiration to take up painting in oils. After selling his racing bicycle to purchase his first set of oils he developed his own style and within months sold his first painting, a Lion, when he was just thirteen.

Commissions quickly followed and whilst most of his school friends played football and various other games, painting was not only Barry’s passion it also became a large part of his life.

Unfortunately although Barry’s Father was one of his biggest fans he did not consider Art to be a “proper job” and so Barry was encouraged to seek alternative employment after his schooling was finished.

For two years Barry wandered from one meaningless job to another until he decided, with some outside encouragement, that his real place in life was as an artist.

After painting several pieces for a friend his work was taken to a local gallery to be framed. When the proprietor asked where the work was purchased the friend informed the gallery of Barry and the type of work he painted. The gallery then purchased several of Barry’s paintings which quickly sold and he found that his work was in demand from other galleries.

After many years continuing in this way gradually working for various galleries, agents and clients, many of them from overseas from the U.S.A the Far East and the Middle East, Barry continues to work on various subjects, mainly Equestrian, Sporting, Portrait and Wildlife and has a highly realistic, detailed and warm style.

His paintings are as recognisable as Barry himself. Normally dressed in black with long hair and leather clothing, his personality and manner are very gentle and softly spoken.

His ambition in life is to continue creating pictures which bring to life the subjects which inspire him and pleasure to the people viewing his work.

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