GREENE, Alan Scott

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Alan Scott Greene

Alan Scott Greene is a motorsport artist from Southern California

Alan  always noticed the art around him, and looked at life through the focal point of a lens.  “You just have to pay attention and you will see art, it’s everywhere and in everything.”  His early studies at the Art Institute of Chicago provided him with the framework to see and translate those visions into expressions of color.  His surreal “Starman” art series was exhibited at the Chicago Art Institute, School of art.

Greene’s interest in photography rekindled in 2005 when he moved from film and purchased his first Digital SLR camera.  Rocky Nook publishing, specializing in how-to photographic books, chose one of Greene’s photographic images to grace the cover of a book on Digital Photography.  As a direct result, Greene found himself working on different marketing projects that incorporated his unique skills, while creating visually striking presentations for his growing clientele. 

Many of Greene’s friends who own exotic cars saw his art and began commissioning him to create artwork of their cars.  Alan’s unique artistic skills and overall sense of color translated to the computer easily. He found that he could virtually paint using a Wacom pen tablet and various programs with his proprietary techniques which he developed over time.

Over the last 6 years, Greene has developed an international following, and has had his automotive art featured in art galleries, on magazine covers, in advertising, at automotive specialty houses, auto dealers, on-line automotive art websites, and at automotive events around Southern California.  Greene has been commissioned by exotic car enthusiasts, race teams, and celebrities from automotive racing, baseball, football and basketball.  His art hangs in custom luxury garages, homes, offices and various retail establishments.  Greene has shipped his art around the globe.

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