Kickin it with Kimi


Art Prints Posters and Paintings of Grand Prix and Racing Legend Kimi Raikkonen


Kickin it with Kimi

A fine art giclee print on museum quality canvas from an original painting by Alan S Greene. hand signed and numbered by the artist and limited to 300 prints total.

Make: Ferrari F1

Dimensions: 24″ X 44″

Former world champion Kimi Raikkonen pilots his fiery red Ferrari through the twists, always seemingly on the razorês edge as his little red wagon twitches, slips, wiggles and dances through each turn. If you look closely enough you can almost see this redhead tap dance sideways on exit as Kimi settles her down heading into the next apex. Talk about dancing with the stars.

Produced by Alan Scott Greene. Alan is known for his striking use of colors. His compositions create a feeling of speed, excitement and electricity that bring his subjects to life. His creations are like Eye Candy. Deliciously colored and you cannot stop at owning just one! Start your collection today.

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